Anti Aging Information

Anti Aging – what can you do non surgically?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if ageing was a thing of the past? I was getting quite fed up of seeing a new wrinkle pop up every few weeks, so much so that I decided to try the a new anti ageing cream that recently hit the shelves. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried plenty of face masks, skin creams and rejuvenating serums, and even Botox, stopping just short of opting for full on surgery, so this was my last ditch attempt at trying to hold those unpleasant years at bay, before accepting defeat and succumbing to my fate as an ageing housewife.

What I actually found wasn’t like your typical anti ageing cream, this one actually had results that had me second guessing my eye sight. So here’s my review of this great product and just how effective it was for me; I’m sure that it will do the same for you too. In a nutshell, my crow’s feet reduced in appearance, my wrinkles all but disappeared completely and everyone’s always commenting on how fresh my skin looks!


So what can you expect? Well when I ordered my first tub of Alleure Anti Ageing Cream, it came in a handy round pot that fit in nicely with the rest of the products on my shelf. I was a bit reluctant to try it at first, still being in that ‘I give up’ phase, but I couldn’t resist and adorned my first application that same evening.

It’s probably important to mention here that all of the ingredients within the cream are entirely natural. The ingredients have also been dermalogically tested and contain plenty of active ingredients that target the entire eye and face areas, rather than just a few vitamins for a few locations.

The cream itself was soft and gentle, almost like a baby lotion minus the oily composition. Almost within two minutes of applying the cream to my eyes had it dried in completely. I usually wipe my face over with a face towel once the product’s absorbed, but I didn’t have to this time. Rather than drying out, it seemed to actively moisturise my eyes and my skin felt soft and silky immediately after.

I kept the routine up for three weeks and made a point of not seeing one of my friends so that she could give constructive feedback on my progress, if any. When I met with my friend, the first thing that she did was squint. I hadn’t noticed, but my crow’s feet had already started to reduce so drastically that my friend had to struggle to spot them. After a month, there was such small sign of those lines that I put eye drops in just to make sure that my vision hadn’t gone foggy. Coming next week “What is  Sildenafil (viagra)?”

It’s been about three months now and the results have been so dramatic that it’s hard to put in to words. I now have a great skin texture, my skin seems to emanate a glow naturally, my face and eyes never feel dry and I can’t feel any laughter lines, wrinkles or crow’s feet at all. This product has genuinely been a god-send and I’d encourage all of you ladies (and men) to at least give it a go!