Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Dark Circles Under The Eyes


Are you starting to notice that those late nights are finally catching up with you? Is your once vibrant appearance now beginning to show the years of misuse and neglect? Dark circles can be one of the biggest enemies to tackle in your beauty regime, especially when they pop up in what seems like the course of just one late night. But worry not dear friends, the best way to treat this irritating little negative aesthetic is almost as easy as understanding why they happen in the first place! So let’s take a look at the ins and outs of those pesky dark circles and how to combat them the next time you forget to go to sleep!

Why do we get dark circles under our eyes?

Although no one is quite certain as to why dark circles form under your eyes, there is a well known trigger that’s guaranteed to make them as noticeable as they are annoying and that’s a lack of sleep. Scientists believe that dark circles are a combination of blood vessels getting extra attention as your body tries to force your eyelids to close so that you can sleep, as well as those blood vessels not releasing the blood as they should when you do eventually get to sleep. It’s almost like a minor clotting process!

Did you know that without any sleep at all your blood flow slowly reduces? This will cause your skin to appear a lot paler as your blood struggles to travel throughout the length of your body, and this pallid complexion will only add to the stark appearance of your dark circles. That’s why getting plenty of sleep at night not only stops your body from having to send excess blood to your eyelids in an attempt to either keep you awake or to encourage you to sleep, but helps your skin to maintain that healthy glow.

So how do I combat dark circles?

The best way to avoid dark circles is to get at least eight hours of a sleep every single night. In fact, sleep is so good at removing those unwanted dark circles that if you keep up a routine for a few weeks, your dark circles should disappear altogether! Be careful, though, they are notorious for coming back if your sleep pattern ever gets interrupted again. Another way is to look into more here about dermal fillers.

Vitamins and minerals (in particular vitamin B6) are a great compliment to reducing those dark circles. When you lose sleep or go to bed late at night, the vitamin B6 within your body will slowly deplete. Because this vitamin works to maintain your adrenaline functionality, without it you’ll become less active and you’re body will absorb even less vitamin B6. To keep your B6 supply as fresh as possible, make sure to drink milk, eat dairy products and consume anything with magnesium.

Don’t forget that a good diet and light exercise will also go a long way to keeping your skin healthy and that factors such as drugs and alcohol can have a nasty habit of affecting your sleep and dehydrating you. Live well, be happy and your skin will show all of your hard work!

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